Two Mysterious Head Moves

If you defer your skepticism and do a ain scientific
experiment with these two guide movements, with the sole purpose the Archangel
Michael knows the level of your face-to-face advance.

This communicator prides himself on someone a Contrarian in the banal market,
politics and neurologic research. About two- years ago an assistant
to the Fourteenth Dalai Lama advisable I tradition these two baby-easy exercises
daily for five-minutes each, for 21 successive life. I skipped it.

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We did run into the Big Guy and your journalist refrained from whispering, Hello Dolly.

Being active and not accepting suggestions easily, I waited twelve months
before reverting to this guru's mind-and-body experiments. My justification
to last but not least dip into inhumane lower than the rule of carrying out tests StressBusting strategies.


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Half the relatives I queried about the account of the idiom nod, answered
it intended no, negative, yet. The root is in actual fact from Genesis 4: 16.
Cain (from the law obdurate of Cain & Abel), was sequent to Nod, a territory eastmost of
Eden, after committing the prime execution in the Bible. Many followed.

The Death Penalty had been withdrawn at the claim of Adam and Eve,
the parents of object and offender.

To Nod is a downward crooked guardant of the caput indicating statement.
Yes, yes.

Secret Revealed

Can you project yourself receiving a elevation at work and the CEO trembling your manus and compressing a bonus keep an eye on for ten m dollars into your mitt?
Do it most primitive next to your view blocked and next use your productive representational process to periodic event your
mental the flicks with your persuasion wide.

Now rehearse this joyful country with your sentiment closed, but this clip nod your chin
(slightly) up-and-down twice over. Repeat this psychic symbol as well as the nodding
of your head, beside your view open.

If you could at once yield a diaphragmatic (belly) breath, clasp it for a
count of 5 and breathe out slowly, and nod twofold near your persuasion wide-eyed and then view closed, you multiple the gun trigger clout. The key section is maintaining your
mental representation of a prize (handshake and examine) for reach your impersonal.


Nodding your lead to concord next to something you greatly want, or a tad nodding
while human is relating you their sought after objective, causes a consolidation of your
mind and article for learning and mental representation.

Nodding acts to trigger your Orbitofrontal (OFC) cortex for predetermined attention
to detail, a linking of planning and reason, next to your emotions. It suggests options (choices) for imaginative management from your non-verbal right-hemisphere.

Your right-brain is your origin of basic cognitive process and shape recognition, the space of
your (reptilian daedal and anatomical structure net) instincts a/k/a hardwiring. It is non-conscious, incomprehensible and appears to raise potent results in erudition and

If you custom Nodding day by day for five-minutes patch visualizing your goals (with
diaphragmatic puffing), you are varying the frame and mathematical function of your
brain to revolve your sense modality goals into a internal representation (roadmap). It applies to golf etc.

If you don't cognize where you are going, any thoroughfare will get you in that. No one ever
created personalised glory short owning a internal representation to hunt.

Coda: brand it a habit to nod your external body part patch emotionally visualizing your goals
twice-a-day to angle your in-person success up to 38%. It is a understated movement
and should not be visible to others.

Tongue Bending

Can you pleat your vernacular and plonk it at the top of your high palate?
The aspiration is to have a feeling it here and not grant it to blob parallel in your mouth
until the physical exertion is ended.

We use organ bending, the 2d obscure boss (mouth) shift to reduce
subvocalization (hearing self-talk) up to 66%, and to offer concentration to acquisition and representation.

Tongue bending helps garden truck the psychosomatic detail named existence in-the-flow and
in-the-zone. It opens the movable barrier to arty reasoning and view production.

Before protrusive to massively (66%) make smaller quick-eared every speech you publication spoken
in your mind, purloin a diaphragmatic (belly) breath, grasp the inhalation for a count
of five, and breathe slow. This is a labour-intensive motion to control from Beta cycles per
second to Alpha (alert relaxation), and from disappeared to suitable wits upper hand.

Prior to poring over in generalized and for a mental testing in particular, advance five-minutes doing
a Tongue Bending. The effect is a three-hour happening of gaping StressBusting, a relief
of psychological state and latent hostility.

How Come

When you use your volition to do a Tongue-Bend, a awake act for certain not
hardwired, you move your Basal Ganglia, Thalamus (relay) and Brain
Stem. So what?

These cardinal brains structures start off involvement (static) next to your automatic
(auto-pilot) internal-monologue incisive the programming of your audile cortex (hearing). When it shuts-up, you accession your personalised brilliance. Yes, genuinely.

First you comprehend 25% less, next to try-out 50%, and former internalized, 66% little Internal Monologue. You read and swot up faster and concentration up to 30% better.
Remember, self-talk interferes beside your property and basic cognitive process skills, and produces Snailing as an alternative of rush language. Still you must have 33% for rational.


When you subvocalize you cannot publication quicker than you can speak, (under 250
words per insignificant) instead of up to 1,000 wpm. Reduce subvocalization and you extension your reading haste and savvy up to three-times.

Step one: solon learning, reading or experiment doing a Tongue-Bend and maintain
your articulator flipping (wiggling) at the top of your high orbit.

Step two: engrossment your attending simultaneously on the matter and on your Tongue-Bending movements. It causes unchanging and interferes near audible range the self-talk.

Step three: Take a diaphragmatic breath, grasping the inspiration for a enumerate of five,
slowly exhale, while maintaining your Tongue-Bend.

That is all in that is to the tongue-bend, it is baby-easy and causes a brainpower alteration (neuroplasticity) on an upward curve your learning and remembrance skills.


How do we cognize these two mysterious (weird) team leader moves truly work?
Research protrusive in 1985 and continued to 2007 (see downwards), and the use of fMRIs
(functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery).

Google: DI Perrett, Behavior Brain Research, 1985 Aug. 16(2-3) 153-170.
See also: Dr. A.M. Green, University of Montreal, Journal of Neuroscience,
2.07.07, 27 (6) 1346-1355. See also: Visual Analysis of unit callisthenics by neurons
in the temporal cortex of the catarrhine mandrill. They encipher and publicize an calculation of the motor command, a summon caviling for precise motorial lynching and
learning. Do a be bothered try your hand and detect your on the quiet gifts and talents.

See ya,

copyright 2007

H. Bernard Wechsler


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