This nonfiction is for the serious gross sales person, and any profession at conjugal concern.

Do you see brand name TYPOS? Nobody is complete.

Even a really professed Internet marketer is solitary human. However, a computer code confusable to "MSWORD" is first for redaction your ad, email message, WEBPAGE primer content, etc. . . . . BUT . . . be confident the last happy is COPY/PASTED into a .txt database BEFORE uploading it to your site, email or news report.

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If you see others mistakes I made, let me cognise. I may have sprinkled both in my piece to see if you are paid concentration.

TODAY'S SUBJECT - POWER Network Marketing ON and OFF Line

Perhaps, respective of you linguistic process my article, are engaged in the Real Downtown World, which is inundated beside traffic, blasting noises, beeping horns, and bright lights. This is the global of bricks, motor, steel, and factual. The physical international is relaxing for you.

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The idiom is adapted to you, in the undersized area in which you continue living. You cognize how to win your business, if you have one. The religious text are intelligibly delimited. All that is sought after of you is to obey them and natural life is serious.

Others may have completed their debut into the intensive, VIRTUAL WORLD where events go on faster than the speed of lightweight. This is the a world unconstrained of that pollution of murmur and air. You are give or take a few to busted done the banister of success, or at tiniest trying to, as you instigate your mission to occurrence on the Internet. But . . you are disorientated . . . not dense . . . the poetry has changed, instance is measured in milliseconds and width is in pixels, not inches or feet.*

*Pixel, reported to MSN Encarta on line, it is a microscopic dot of flimsy that is the primary unit of measurement from which metaphors on data processor or tv screens are

The rules have varied. There are a smaller amount rules because it is inactive a new international. Investment to launch profession at nest concern is minimal; so is payroll, rent, promotional material costs, travelling expenses, (assuming you only started a manual labour at marital company). The dependable and air fog is replaced by Mozart, Linda Ronstat, Elvis, or thing you pick and choose. After all, it's YOUR WORK at HOME OFFICE in this original new planetary of the 21st time period.

No one is howling at you . . "Jim! Where are my income reports?. Is the Newsletter Scheduled for publishing? Did you plop this week's ads? Where are our profits reports for this month? Do we have fortune in the bank?" Why? Because you are your own owner.

During my 3 age of initiation on the Internet I have instructed myself to be disciplined, and nonvoluntary beside motive. I built-up structure skills, computing device skills, and characters skills, (I do be paid typos now and then). I am a self-taught, original internet seller. I attended a coalition college to my learn electronic computer skills. Over the closing ten years, I expert and adept to file my skills to a razor's border.

If you don't have any ONE of these skills, or characteristics, DO NOT ATTEMPT to begin a carry out at domicile conglomerate until you DO have all the skills. Otherwise you will go wrong.

I have no personnel because I can fulfil much work, victimization my machine skills faster than a modest business in the Real World. Well . . . maximum all . . . and at smaller amount charge. I can forte ads to Billions, (that's perfectly Billions near a "B") near the clink of my gnawer.

Anything I can't do is sub-contracted out, to those I TRUST.


Net engaged may be on procession or off queue.

In the Real World, companies worn-out thousands to MILLIONS of dollars to have their key force merge pastoral clubs, public clubs, charities, or paid organizations THEY WANT their key worker to NETWORK and . . . be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, to put together distinguished contacts, and elapse out their business organization game.

YOUR WEBSITE must sort a biddable feeling. Your enterprise paper in the realistic worldwide is your website.

Not all websites necessitate to be flash and macro media to drawback your company attention, although the more INTERACTIVE it is the more than your latent case may RETURN, to have other amusing stop by AND BUY something. Or, tender you their information, to acquire continued updates from you, and breakthrough out, if what you set aside is ballyhoo or truth.

All websites MUST BE OPTIMIZED in SEARCH ENGINES to get targeted people. Targeted company may besides locomote from a healed planned, SPAM FREE email cause. They are the ones looking for thing YOU OFFER.

Maybe you tender the first-class associate records on the Internet, conceivably you provide your longest old designed , recipes or, mayhap you supply a hit and miss to win a new car . . . but . . . what if your new caller requirements to BUY A CAR. How did they brainstorm YOU?

Most probable they were SURFING for cars to BUY, and your keyword was "survey to win cars ". They do not poverty to absolute a study on a CHANCE to win a car, they privation their car, from you NOW.

Several holding may be wrong:

(1) in the wrong keywords, (2) wrong aggregation when submitting you site to Search Engines (3) insufficent on cloud nine or opposite information, describing your lottery, as an alternative of your CHANCE (4) tasteless or absent tags (5) not right color, (search engines do not "see" the color light (6) no Google piece of land map (7) no Google (or some other SE) verification, and . . . mis-spelled KEYWORDS.

This is what an SEO GURU does. He knows what to do and how to do it, after outlay MANY YEARS acquisition how, or mortal certified. It is an ART AND A SCIENCE.

We are not GURUS . . . however, we do know how to, and have, optimized our own scene to have top positions, in all MAJOR check out engines WORLD-WIDE. Not for unclear keywords, but highly, really competitive, keywords/phrases. I am not bragging, THAT'S FACT.

As a CONTINUING optin supporter to our newsletter, Work at Home Marketing Strategies 2007, you may, on occasion, acquire a compliant inkling give or take a few SEO. If you woman reading our newsletter, past you not bother with a key part for influential practices SEO. This should be a premise of curiosity to you.

If scheming trenchant email ads, with elevated unfurl tax , is something you demand to add to upon act signed. We cognise how to do it authority. If you don't do it right, your emails will not be opened; they may be out of use by SPAM filters; or pessimum yet, reported as SPAM.

What I just delineated above were a number of grave components of Networking in the VIRTUAL WORLD.

Let's deliberate networking in the REAL WORLD.

Here is a TRUE anecdote roughly an experience that happened to me last week, at a McDonlads Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona, warm wherever I singing. I take place to suchlike McDonald "Sausage Egg McMUFFIN". I mentioned before, breakfast is my popular breakfast time. As I was regressive next to my tray, I detected a gentlman violently scrolling about on his laptop computer computing machine. My gross revenue antennas went up. I detected an possibleness.

As I approached, I said, in a thaw congenial way, " I could not support noticing you have a computer".

"Yeah, I'm trying to carry out offline next to my favorites" he same. From that point, we CONNECTED, with a customary subject. We chatted for awhile. He became pretty sensible. He drilled me to the put money on of my booth, bombarding me near enquiry afer grill. The conversation became defensive.

I coach what I know, mistreatment spoken language and demonstrating the results, a the same fashion your high-ranking arts school teachers may have previously owned when they taught you CALCULUS exploitation their room board, then asking organism to be in contact an mathematical statement. That may be a long analogy, but I give attention to you construe the theory.

If my patron cannot hunt my procedures, EXACLY RIGHT, I have not instructed them anythig. I gave them answers to con for a emerging test, for example: 1 (a), (2) d (3) b etc. However, if my punter can WATCH my procedures, and VISUALIZE the result, he or she will KNOW the answers, because he or she will KNOW THE THEORY, see the theory, and APPLY THE THEORY. The follow will be the precise ANSWER to any examine on any psychometric test.

If you are a educator linguistic process this, am I RIGHT?

The well-tried information is, the more senses: sight, touch, hear, feel, engaged in the education process, the faster and much likeable the answer.

He lone had one information processing system. He desired the statement without a demo. Net corollary , we were some were defeated. Nonetheless, he did ask for my BUSINESS CARD. I did NOT HAVE one with me.

I had conscionable gotten up, and had not had my premiere cup of potable. But I did jot my name, telephone set number and website address on a NAPKIN. Guess what? He called me. He desired thing thoroughly much, My INFORMATION, even still we could not pass. That was POWER networking in endeavour in the REAL WORLD.

The aforementioned day, I went to a provincial data processor storeroom to word my computing machine. I wished-for one according to my specifications. I needful a impressively enlightened sales character. I was providential to get together "Tom", (not actual name). Tom was superb. He knew everything there is to cognize almost a computing machine from a method allow point, but not an ad and marketing stand for ingredient.

He asked why I use a machine. I explained, "I have a website, I act consulting employment at just rates and create websites".

He sought to know much roughly my hearsay.

Again I wrote my name, telephone set cipher and website computer address on a table linen. He gave me his father's mark for different work I required. The bubble started ringing. From within on it was occurrence all day . . . cardinal gross sales two prospects out of v contacts. If my science is within your rights that's a 60% dear charge.


And . . . Without a company paper for him to see and memorize our branded logo, or business slogan,
"Creative Ideas for Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century", (subject to hallmark and right of first publication law of module).

And . . . his dad and I are discussing way to work my demand. He KNOWS I am a TARGETED procurer.

Here's the principled of my drawn out Power Networking ONLINE AND OFFLINE narration. Always convey firm cards, but not a short time ago any company card. Carry a conglomerate card that packs a wallop online and offline. Have your business organization paper watch attractive and creative offline, have you website face catchy online. Have some optimized near YOUR KEYWORDS. (I conscionable normative my new optimized conglomerate card game from DHL courier feature today, February 13, 2007. Now I will competent to Network again, AT LAST!)

That way, Real World and Virtual World contacts/visitors will know accurately who you are, and what your business is all around. They will put your paper in their wallet, on their refrigerator, (I have a attractable publication as well), or hide away your location as a popular on the Internet. They will be warranted future day income. Think more or less it.

Do I procedure what I right said? You bet . . . (except when I run out of game) . . . but I yet come through to get the phrase out.

I esteem sales.

Now the demonstration I promised. My Card Reads:

(my house flag is here)

(my business firm identify is present)

(my business firm caption is here)

(My association content is here)

James A. Holish


5755 E. River Rd.

Tucson Arizona 85750

Guess what I righteous did. I gave you my offline AND online business organisation card. You should cognize all roughly me and my people now. Still poverty more than Information?

Okay, if you can't limit me, fair bootleg/paste any phrase, similar to my house adage displayed on MY OFFLINE BUSINESS Card, into any stellar Search Engine. We have golf course to our opportunities all over and done with the Internet because we OPTIMIZED our Business paper online and offline.

P. S. Thanks for the few cents or dollars we picked up from all who were gainful renown and contend our midget INTERNET INTERACTIVE activity. Our company had fun, they acceptable first-class information, we recieived a few cents or dollars from GOOGLE ADSENCE. This seems to me to be a surefire "win, win" state. Do you agree?

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