The Somber Sun I

What has 1000 seen O Sun,

Of adulation or of hate

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I will not be surprised,

If 1000 cover up thy eyes

And brainwave it, inside thy sky filled heart

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To contact all forms of memory-

And conceal unto the unlit.


Prophecies of the Wind II

The winds, the winds, the winds

What tiding do you call in?

Bring away your bodily process vocalization again

So all earthlings will understand

The prophecies are in the winds:

The dirt shall tremble, quake,

And fatal outcome will in the end win!...


Oblivious Night III

I slept a epigrammatic sleep: and woke unto the night

To far to see, my mitt in head-on of me

Beneath the Moon's spectral sanctify light

Here the breathing planetary mislaid its voice

Lo! The dim, serious nighttime struggles in

Trying to discovery its way, bringing up the rear the grave,

Like a aquatic vertebrate swimming into the deep-

I past went hindmost into my have forty winks.


Summer's Heat IV

The Summer's heat

The air intensifies near life

Then seals the icy winds

You can hear the inert spirits

Amongst the fields of Summer's heat

Murmur, softly...

Stirred next to secrets!


Satan, Forsaken V

"All mud is now my throne-!

For I have squandered my heaven-

And now I complete.

Man's obedience

Has based me

Unjudged I stand for since he:

Yet God forsakes me

Forgotten in the wistful

Echoes of time..."


The Prophet VI

The prophet rides no more

Across the surface and the stars

'Tis God's emptiness

He classify a mental state upon us:

With our incredulous years!


The Poet VII

The versifier marvels at his life

As if he saved a sorcerous brook!

And next by suicide

He takes his life,

Like lost echoes in the flora.


Power VIII

Power: Oppression





A tempest

Hard to keep

Under ones

Enormous feet.


[7-11-2006] Poems I finished IV, scrawled at the '4d, Gelateria Italiana, Café,' in Miraflores, Lima, Peru; poems V through with VII graphical at the 'Favorite Café,' in Miraflores, Lima Peru.



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