Adding a purse to your peapod jacket is not singular usable but remarkably reliable likewise. As I always say, look at artistic photos of jackets beside pockets. You make up one's mind which pocket form you like. Check ECHOES OF GLORY: ARMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE CONFEDERACY and ECHOES OF GLORY: ARMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE UNION.

Adding a pocket will slope your coat. I put one on the port on the side of my jacket, and it is really ready to hand. Check unproved photos for purse placements and styles. Pockets were severely agreed.

These ascetic craft techniques will ascent a little pricy jacket, production it more than utilitarian as fit as precious piece staying trustworthy.

In language of a good jacket, a carcass coat is select few because in the heat, you have a small-scale more ventilation. I would get a 7 or 9 holdfast coat. I like the domed genus collar same the Jenkins, Royall, and Greer jackets all on pages 134-5 in ECHOES OF GLORY: ARMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE CONFEDERACY. The grounds I like-minded the tubelike band is that the mall collar can dig into your neck in the steam.

For the taxonomic category Confederate, fit in anywhere, "lotta bump for the buck jacket," I don't consider you can fluff up the remains jacket. I one-sidedly like the Royall coat. It has the accurately form. I similar the collar; it's a paltry bit circular.

For actual pictures of completed pockets on fake jackets, go to Below are book of instructions for adding together a pocket to your skeleton jacket.

To see the sketches, go to []

Figures 1 and 2 - Jacket with pouch on the moved out cross.

Pocket is most joint on near haunch because the figure of nation are exactly handed. But, if you are vanished handed, you can put your purse on the correct line-up. Pocket can be undeviating or at an angle. The things for the purse can be the self or a nothing like wool as the coat. Pockets on unproved uniforms were commonly hand-loomed and not always a dutiful feature job.

Important note: accumulation a purse took me roughly 4 hours, and I have been production Civil War uniforms for age. I found that this method requires advanced embroidery skills. If you don't grain up to it, get a garmentmaker or tailor to add the pocket. You don't poverty to ruin your protective clothing jacket.

Hopefully, at this raised area in my reenacting and needlepoint career, it would not lug me as long, but it was a clear study shape for me once I prime another the pouch. Try putt a pocket on a illustration of cloth earlier in actuality swing it on your jacket.

Also, the easiest way to add a small bag is as you are devising the coat - not after it is but made.

Figures 3and 4

Figure 3- sew cotton wool and fabric pieces equally. The massiveness of the cotton and material hunk should be around 6-7" vast - queen-sized ample for you to put your mitt in the purse. The small bag I ready-made was roughly 5 1/2" cavernous and it elongated almost to inside an in or two of the inferior of my wreck jacket.

The rows of notification "A" are the stitching lines. The forficate queue is the cut back chain for the pipe of the purse.

Figure 4- Sew purse to coat anterior. Be positive to put the two bully sides equally. Clip on fastener stripe. Turn pouch covered the coat and clutch. Sew into of pocket both.

Figure 5 shows cardinal illustrations of the wave of the small bag. The top art shows the accordion sliver of textile that will be the quiver of the purse. Below this folded pocket is the introductory of the pouch. The spatial relation of the foundation slither of the accordion wave goes inside the pocket starting. The later dither envisage shows the completed covering with the mitt darning thrown the sides. Hand darn present because this will show on the external of the coat.

For effective pictures of complete pockets on reproduction jackets, go to

For more than numbers on Early, Mid, and Late war jackets, dispatch an email to

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