We’ve all seen them, you’ve been browsing a website and you chink a interconnect and nada lots obscure from the speech ‘404 Error’ on near the usual matter.

So what is a 404 Error page? The 404 Error page, au fond informs the soul that the server cannot find the database they are superficial for. However, alternatively of mistreatment the absence 404 Error folio you can make your own, this is how you do it.

First, you stipulation your .htaccess wallet which should be within your web encampment handbook. If you cannot insight it you will demand to turn out one. You will have to communication your host interrogative them how you would go active creating or redaction this report. They may impoverishment you to use a manual trained worker and consequently upload it, or they may impoverishment you to use a PICO editor in chief and make up or expurgate the directory on the waiter.

How you have admittance to the .htaccess record lets change it. Add this dash to the .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404

Make positive this smudge is unbroken on online. This is where your 404 Error page is unbroken.

Now you’ve rework the .htaccess wallet you condition to formulate the folio. This is just a commonplace HTML writing. Once you’ve created the HTML document, save it and telephone it 404page.html. Now the adjacent tactical maneuver is to upload the .htaccess wallet and the folio to the server.

Now that is done your side by side tactical maneuver is to curved shape it on. This is finished by locale the CHMOD dimension to 644. You can do this via telnet or few FTP programs. If your going to telnet into your server, use the later command:

chmod 644 .htaccess

Now examination to see if it’s worked. Just go to a page that doesn’t live on your server and you should see your new 404 Error page. If not, past breed sure the CHMOD is set correctly, and if that doesn’t help, you may poorness to ask your hosting corporation for activity.

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