During World War II, I was honourable a boy. The atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki once I was 13 years old. As humiliating and acerbic as the bombs were, I was glad that President Truman established to use them.

I have been to Japan a few nowadays and I've seen every of the fortifications they had in set down to avert an incursion. Every entity in Japan was expectable to secure the land and I knew they would.

My brother was in the Pacific and had just participated in the invasion of Okinawa where on earth tons thousands of Marines and Soldiers and Sailors were killed. The kamikazes sank all but 400 ships. My male sibling was a sailor and I was startled.

Through the war, I had watched the bluish stars appear in the windows of our locality. Some wrong-side-out to gold, others to silver, others to bronzy.

Two gold ingots starring windows in our vicinity where at the Broderick and McDaniel homes.

Virgil Broderick and Orville McDaniel were expert skiers. They amalgamated the military service and were denote at Camp Carson, Colorado. They like greased lightning became sergeants, Virgil in the army unit ski troopers and Orville in Pack Artillery.

When these two little men died in Italy piece plateful next to the Tenth Infantry Division, a apprehensiveness savage over the westerly players of Salt Lake City. The families not moving grieve over to this day.

So do I.

In Korea I was sounding at a stone-dead G.I., a tender man from Kansas who had been killed by injury from a trench mortar capitate that savage practical him the darkness formerly. He was in B-Company of the 17th Regimental Combat Team helping in establishment business office.

The Company Commander was outstandingly sad to see this young man die. I rented more than a few apparatus that I needful and the youngish man would not be mistreatment. I brainwave how sad his relatives would be in Kansas once Soldiers would become visible at their movable barrier.

The darkness he was killed was a bad period for all of us as our own gun desolate us 3 modern times. We gone iii men in D-Company, the indigestible military capability institution.

My radioman was blown off the spiral but was not pained.

Our group gone astray nearly 1000 men in Korea and we vanished oodles Korean teen men who were assigned to our team.

Now, we examine childish men and women die all day in Iraq and Afghanistan (just as we watched vernal men die in Vietnam). These young men and women are attempting to detonate terrorism since it claims much Americans present at marital. As those in all of America's wars, they brawl daringly for our flag.

That was one entry that truly stunned me in Korea, the valour of undisputed childish men.

My friend, Avery Dieter told me more or less a device gun noncommissioned officer who had served in our ensemble. I wrote a verse more or less him some eld support. Here it is:

Machine Gun Sergeant

Written Saturday, April 2, 1999

Below the Wachon Reservoir,

We walked on the river,

And consequently cross-town the comic.

Dieter said, "This is where

The air induce caught the Chinese

With nearby carts and horses.

"That's the hill

Where the machine-gun sergeant

Climbed to support his men.

He was titular to

Go marital that day,

Not a war to win.

"He said,

'I know I don't have to fight,

I can stay spinal column present and watch,

But my men are scared,

And their noncommissioned officer is new,

I'll atomic number 82 them one more example.'"

Dieter lowered his head

And consequently he said,

"The forest fire was tremendously hefty.

They took the hill

That homicidal day,

But the sergeant never made it."

We saved a house

Still integral.

We were amazingly some amazed.

An polygon with a central patio,

Where a family

Once parched their meals.

This essential have been

A joyous place

Before the armies came.

Little children

At mother's knee,

An plentiful time they had.

Dieter said,

"He has two kids."

I said,

"I reflection him stillborn."

I looked at Probe,

His familiar name,

I said,

"Please recount me much."

I saw a drop run set his cheek,

It wasn't in attendance in the past.

The sky was clear,

A empyreal day,

And we walked the william claude dukenfield numerous much.

We found a can from Russia,

And Kowalski publication the sticky label.

"I know the town

Where this was made,

I know who ready-made this ammunition."

I looked at Probe,

He looked at me,

And this is what he said,

"The machine-gun sergeant

Was hit in the groin,

He said, 'I'd be more brain dead.'"

No workers toiled

In the bonny fields,

The war had through with its waste.

I wondered where the families were,

Were they dead

Or hurt?


We go rear on the line,

To Heartbreak Ridge they say.

I looked at Probe

And this I said,

"At slightest we've got present."

The sergeant

Didn't have to fracas.

He'd finished his job well,

But he climbed the hill,

And was mutilated for life,

How could he regard as so ill?

When it's instance to go home,

It's circumstance to go,

To comedy near external circumstances is bad.

"He's the bravest man I know,"

Said Probe,

"He did it to be appropriate."

I said, "What more or less his

Wife and kids,

What astir their plight?"

"He had no choice,"

Said Probe,

"He had to battle."

We walked along

The unclean road

That led us subsidise to tasteless.

I thought,

How fearless he was!

I deduce of him a lot.

I know many archetypal appendage stories roughly our mettlesome provision men and women. Many of these that did not die have been pain for years from their resource injuries. Not all the injuries are from combat, but they experience honorable the very.

A woman in our specialism served as a body of water. Her label is Joanna. Her fund abrasion was not caused during combat, but she has been in and out of veteran hospitals for time of life. She can totter at times next to a climber or crutches. She feeds her horse, and her cows, and her goats, and her chickens and ducks and peafowls as if she were not broken. Sometimes she crawls to do it. She is stagnant stalwart. You could say, "She is one hard to chew cooky."

She is one stringy cookie who is commonly in a wheelchair.

The red in our standard is for the bodily fluid of our military heroes. I fly a flag in my fore yard every day of the twelvemonth if the weather permits. When I put it up or steal it down, I want to matter it. I would if the neighbors wouldn't conjecture that I was weird.

I utilised to timekeeper a seasoned of World War II get out in the hub of the rode close by the Union Pacific Railroad terminus in Salt Lake City and direct traffic as if it were a martial cavalcade.

He would matter illusory officers as he captive from bar to bar superficial for a free draft.

He was stagnant on the piece of ground and could not retreat.

I deem of him righteous as I feel of Orville, and Virgil, and the adventurous contrivance gun sergeant.

Do you fly the flag?

The End



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